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December 2019

The Importance of Healthy Bones

Great Lakes Orthopedics & Sports Medicine is proud to now offer the services of our Healthy Bone Clinic to patients of all ages.  Did you know that more than 40 million people live with or

In Need of a Hip Repair?

Patients of all ages and athletic experiences may eventually require a hip repair to maintain their optimal health and mobility.  Whether you’re aging and simply cannot get around as easily as you once could, have

Healthy Eating Tips for Young Athletes

If you have a young athlete in your home it is likely that you make many trips to the grocery store just trying to match their growing appetites.  However, just as important as how much

3 Stretches to Do After Your Next Game

Whether you enjoy playing soccer, football, baseball, or any other team sport that involves a lot of running and strenuous activity, it’s important that you stretch after every game. By helping to protect you from

Tips for Shoulder Rehab Pain

Whether you’ve experienced a recent injury to your shoulder or are just experiencing pain from overuse it is important to not only seek professional treatment for your shoulder pain but also to understand the underlying

What Is “Frozen Shoulder”?

It’s spring…freezing temps are but a thing of the past. But if your shoulder is causing you painful, range-of-motion issues, it’s possible you have “Frozen Shoulder,” or adhesive capsulitis. Frozen shoulder is painful and disabling